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How To Use Social Media For Marketing Growth

Learning & Development Operations Customer Experience

Master social media marketing with ease and witness organic growth for each major platform.

Time 1 hr

Six Sigma White Belt

Learning & Development Metrics and Planning Performance Measurement

Take the first step to boost your career and stand out among your peers.

Time 2 hr 30 min

Master customer satisfaction to build a great business

Learning & Development Operations Loyalty

Nigel Greenwood explores the six key things that customers want.

Time 1 hr

Master Virtual Communication Skills And Confidence

Learning & Development Soft Skills Personal Development

Master communication skills and effectively engage your virtual audience with this course.

Time 1 hr 30 min

Mastering Emotional Intelligence

Learning & Development Soft Skills Communication

Learn emotional intelligence for better workplace relationships and productivity.

Time 1 hr

Administrator Certificate Course

Gladly Software Courses Work In Gladly Administrators, Team Managers, Compliance Administrators

Learn how to manage Gladly and its many features to help your team provide great service.

Time 2 hr

Team Manager Certificate Course

Gladly Software Courses Work In Gladly Administrators, Team Managers, Compliance Administrators

Learn how to work in Gladly as a Team Manager to support your Agents and Customers.

Time 1 hr 25 min

Support Hero Certificate Course

Gladly Software Courses Work In Gladly Support Heroes/Agents

Learn everything you need to know to provide radically personal service as an Agent.

Time 3 hr

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