Invest in your success with a mentorship program designed to support career development and drive connectivity.

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Accelerate your learning


Skill Development

Acquire invaluable hard skills to accelerate your career growth and stay ahead.


Professional Growth

Get advice to help overcome setbacks and take your career to the next level.


Goal Setting

Set goals and identify the necessary steps to achieve them.


Meaningful Conversions

Learn and grow through shared experiences, advice, and learnings.

Mentor Spotlight

Say hello to our mentors

Meet the leaders and industry experts taking on the role of mentor — each offering deep knowledge across different areas of the consumer space.

  • Gerard Urbano

    Gerard Urbano

    Director, Customer Education
  • Maddie Friend

    Maddie Friend

    Staff, Technical Support Engineer
  • Alex Webber

    Alex Webber

    Manager, Technical Support
  • Headshot of Ben Devey

    Ben Devey

    Director, Customer Experience
  • Jaime Cornell

    Manager, Organizational Development and Growth
  • Headshot of Amber Snyder

    Amber Snyder

    Manager, Order Verification and Escalations
  • Chris Van Wagoner

    Director, Lifecycle and Community

How it works

No two programs are the same, but here’s what you can expect as we work together to help you reach your potential.

3-5 months

Estimated length of commitment

1:1 sessions

Meet one-on-one with your mentor

30 minutes

Minimum duration of each weekly session

Sample Program

Mentorship at a glance


Sample Mentoring Program


Introduction and goal setting


Identifying barriers to career growth


Building a growth mindset


Actionable next steps


Reflection and closing


Mentorship Program Outcomes

Mentee Outcomes
  • Skill development
  • Career advancement
  • Renewed purpose
  • Deeper connection to role
Mentor Outcomes
  • Positive impact
  • Fresh perspective
  • Improved leadership skills
  • Better communication

Frequently asked questions

What are the qualifications for being accepted into the mentorship program?
Mentees must be 21 years of age or older, reside in the US or Canada, and must be full-time professionals. There is no limitation on industry type, job title, or years of experience. Students and interns will not be considered or accepted into the program. Mentees are expected to be positive and responsive and uphold the expectations of the mentorship program.
Can I choose my mentor?
Yes, you may choose your preferred mentor when filling out the application form.
How long does it take to get selected?
Once the application submission period has ended, the Gladly team will review applications and reach a selection decision within two weeks.
How does Gladly Connect match a mentor and mentee?
Mentors and mentees are primarily matched based on the mentor that the mentee applies for.
What happens after I get selected?
Once selected, the Gladly team will work with you and your mentor to connect and kick off the mentorship program.

Apply to be mentored

Space in our program is limited, so if mentorship is something you’re interested in, apply today for a chance to get matched with one of our mentors.