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Customer Service And Experience Improvement: Gain Devoted Customers


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Are you looking to go above and beyond for your customers? Are you looking for that secret recipe that will take your customers from being ‘pleased’ to ‘delighted’? Do you understand the importance of customer service, but are looking for that extra actionable insight to get your business the exposure it deserves?

This course could be the answer to all your problems — knowing how to improve customer experience can appear simple, but putting your knowledge into practice is another challenge altogether.

By looking at bespoke ‘3-D businesses’ and the way they treat their customers, you will soon understand exactly what it takes to whip up a state of ‘customer delight’. Not only does this provide natural exposure for your company, it enhances the likelihood of customer recurrence, driving your profits up and boosting consumer loyalty. After all, doing that little bit extra requires minimal effort, but it goes such a long way.

The course content won’t only focus on advice and tips. It will give you deep insights into the customer’s psyche, giving you a clear understanding of what makes them ‘tick’. Applying this knowledge opens you up to a world of opportunities. You’ll be able to spot customer disappointment before it becomes a problem, and use your understanding of their thought patterns to navigate the direction your company is going in. The customer comes first, so customer experience management should be at the top of your list of priorities.

Improving customer experience requires a two-pronged approach. It’s not just a case of knowing what makes them happy and working towards delivering on that – customer experience improvement comes from understanding your weaknesses, and looking to resolve them before they hold you back. That way, you can then invest all your efforts into a strategy that moves your consumers from ‘delighted’ to ‘devoted’. Soon, they aren’t just happy with your product or service — it’s something they just cannot live without!

What you’ll learn

  • Why customer experience improvement is so important for business growth
  • How to prioritize customers in every company-centric decision
  • The ‘Six Ingredients of Customer Delight’
  • How to monitor and resolve customer disappointment
  • How to develop a plan that will enhance your business’ exposure through customer-focused actions
  • How to improve customer experience by understanding how customers think

Course Content

Customer Service And Experience Improvement: Gain Devoted Customers