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Personalize Self-Service With Gladly Sidekick


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Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Gladly,

Time 20 min
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Course Description

Gladly Sidekick is an AI and automation platform for Customer service teams, built to deliver radically personal self-service across all digital channels through Gladly Hero.

Gladly Sidekick helps Customers help themselves with personalized self-service and AI-assisted communication. It works hand-in-hand with Gladly Hero so that brands can deliver radically personal Customer service at scale.

What you’ll learn

  • Get to know what Sidekick is all about and the value it offers.
  • How using Sidekick can further enhance your service offering.
  • Overview of how your Customers and Agents interact with Sidekick.
  • What’s required to get started with Sidekick.

Who should take this course

CX practitioners and leaders, or anyone interested in learning about Gladly Sidekick