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Gladly Routing Logic Certificate Course

Gladly Software Courses Routing and Rules

Be in the know and understand how Gladly's routing engine ensures Customers are helped quickly.

Time 2 hr 30 min

Mastering CSS

Learning & Development Technology Web Development

CSS fundamentals taught, no prior HTML needed.

Time 2 hr

Mastering Negotiations

Learning & Development Leadership Negotiation

Proven techniques for clarity and efficiency with collaborative approach.

Time 3 hr

Leadership and Team Development

Learning & Development Leadership Team Building

Explore what makes teams effective and the skills required to build, strengthen, and maintain them.

Time 2 hr

Public Speaking Mastery

Learning & Development Leadership Speaking and Presentations

Master public speaking with exercises for grounding and creating compelling messages.

Time 10 min

Leadership 201

Learning & Development Leadership Leadership and Management

Develop your leadership and management skills with ILM, the UK's leading voice on leadership.

Time 3 hr

The Fundamentals of Business Strategy

Learning & Development Operations Strategic Thinking

Learn about sustainable competitive advantage in today's dynamic, global business environment.

Time 5 hr

Basics of Problem Solving and Resolution

Learning & Development Operations Problem-Solving

Understand the stages of creative problem-solving, crisis resolution, and obstacle recognition.

Time 1 hr 8 min

Introduction to Change Management

Learning & Development Operations Project Management

Develop your change management skills with practical scenarios.

Time 1 hr

Introduction to Project Management

Learning & Development Operations Project Management

Get introduced to project management through realistic examples.

Time 1 hr

Dealing with Difficult Customers: Achieving Mastery

Learning & Development Operations Customer Service

Gail the skills to manage, communicate with, and calm upset customers with positive resolution.

Time 2 hr

Mastering Customer Service

Learning & Development Operations Customer Service

This 11-part course helps new contact center workers master skills in providing world-class service.

Time 1 hr 20 min

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