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An effective customer service strategy is not just about answering the phone. It’s about providing value to the customer throughout their entire experience with your company. Don’t just “deal with your customers.” Help them and offer solutions that could enhance their experience with you. Be the best version of yourself, available to them from the start!

This 11-part certification course is designed to help new contact center workers master the required skills in providing world-class service, from etiquette to handling upset customers and supporting with empathy.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn the difference between Customer Support and Customer Service.
  • Learn why it’s more valuable to keep a customer than replace one.
  • Uncover why “dealing with customers” is not an effective strategy.
  • Learn contact center efficiency tips and best practices
  • Proper etiquette in all forms of communications
  • Supporting upset customers.
  • What it really means to say, “I’m happy to help.”