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Introduction To AI For Businesses

Learning & Development Technology Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Master AI for business success, improve solutions, and innovate services.

Time 4 hr 30 min

Data and Artificial Intelligence

Learning & Development Technology Artificial Intelligence (AI)

This course explains big data, intelligent data, and data science in business.

Time 8 min

Promises and Challenges of AI

Learning & Development Technology Artificial Intelligence (AI)

This course dives into tech's impact on daily life, AI, robotics, blockchain, VR, biotech.

Time 8 min

Evolution of AI

Learning & Development Technology Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI evolution, myths, elements, and modern applications covered.

Time 30 min

Becoming an Organization Focused on Continuous Learning

Learning & Development Operations Training

Establish systems for creating a learning culture for success.

Time 15 min

Non-Trainer: Basics of Training

Learning & Development Operations Training

Deliver practical training sessions including the basics of training.

Time 15 min

Training: Leading Virtual Teams

Learning & Development Operations Training

Manage dispersed teams effectively and lead with confidence.

Time 56 min

Train The Trainer: Essential Elements For Crafting High-Quality Training Courses

Learning & Development Operations Training

Design engaging content for effective learning.

Time 1 hr

Coaching: Mentoring Your Peers

Learning & Development Operations Coaching

Discover the power of peer mentoring and actively mentor those around you.

Time 16 min

Give The Gift Of Feedback

Learning & Development Operations Coaching

Master the art of providing effective feedback with practical tips, tools, and exercises.

Time 42 min

Coaching 101

Learning & Development Operations Coaching

Build your coaching skills with interactive self-study, featuring realistic examples and scenarios.

Time 1 hr

Practicing Empathy in Customer Service

Learning & Development Operations Customer Service

Develop skills to recognize and respond to customers' feelings, handle conflict with pro techniques.

Time 10 min
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