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Overview of People Match

People Match connects Customers with the best Agent to help based on their unique history, situation, or needs.​ With People Match, you can ensure the right person on your team is assigned to the job.

See how People Match works:

People Match is an optional feature that compliments routing
People Match is designed to help prioritize certain Customer scenarios. It is an optional feature to complement the routing system which applies to all Customer interactions.

How does People Match impact routing?

The Routing Engine works to assign Customers to Agents using information such as the Channel a Customer is using, SLAs based on the request, and the availability of Agents. While this information is critical to routing, it leans on a “next-in-line” approach.

People Match changes this up by adding a layer of personalization. It uses context about the Customer’s personal situation to help with prioritization. Take a look at the below example to see how People Match helps route Customers:

Example: Customer Scenario

There are two Customers:

Customer A has a flight coming up in a few months. They contact in to ask about making a change to their itinerary. They’re the first to contact in of the two Customers.

Customer B just found out that their flight, leaving today, has been canceled. They urgently need to find a new flight option. They contact in just after Customer A.

How People Match helps
With traditional routing, Customer A would likely be helped first since they’re first in line. However, with People Match, you could use the context from Customer B’s inquiry (canceled flight, urgent change needed) to boost the priority of their inquiry. People Match can help ensure the Customer with an urgent need (Customer B) is assisted before the Customer who reached out more casually (Customer A).

Note – People Match is only available for Messaging Channels
People Match is currently not available for Voice and Tasks.