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Summary: Optimize Routing by Channel

In this section, you dug into the details of routing logic for different Channels, great job! Here are some key takeaways from Optimize Routing by Channel:

  • Use Conversation Workflow to tweak routing logic

    The series of settings in Conversation Workflow let you change routing settings at the Channel level.

  • For Mail, determine whether Conversations should remain with one Agent

    Mail has two main choices within Conversation Workflow: 1. Assign inbound messages to the same Agent or 2. Assign inbound messages to the next Agent.

  • In general, you can adjust settings to control how “busy” you would like your Agents to be

    Conversation Workflow has several settings that can lead to your Agents taking on more or less messages, receiving next calls faster, and more to set how much work you’d like your Agents handling.

To wrap up, you’ll complete a walkthrough that showcases these concepts in Gladly. Click through the graphic below to see this demonstrated with a visual representation of a routing scenario.

Click on the interactive icons in the image below to learn more.

In the next section, you’ll learn about how Gladly utilizes additional features from People Match and Dedicated Hero to further optimize the routing experience.