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Summary: People Match

In this section, you expanded your routing knowledge with People Match, great job! Here are some key takeaways from People Match:

  • People Match uses Customer situations to prioritize

    Using context from a Customer’s inquiry allows People Match to add a layer of personalization to routing.

  • People Match is complimentary to routing

    The Routing Engine will work for every Customer interaction. People Match will only be applied when necessary and only seeks to improve the decisions from the Routing Engine.

  • Skills works with People Match

    Skills is exclusively used with People Match.

Learn more about People Match
You can dive even deeper into how People Match works and how to apply it using the following resources: Personalize Routing with People Match course and People Match help docs.

To wrap up, you’ll complete a walkthrough that showcases these concepts in Gladly. Click through the graphic below to see this demonstrated with a visual representation of a routing scenario.

Click on the interactive icons in the image below to learn more.

Next up, you’ll learn how Gladly can level up your VIP routing experiences by directing your valued Customers to a Dedicated Hero.