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Mail Routing

With Inbound Mail routing (email and voicemail), there are two trains of thought that can help you decide on the ideal configuration settings for your business:

“When my Customers use Mail, I want to make sure they continue speaking with the same Agent until their inquiry is solved.


“I want my Mail Customers to have their inquiry solved sooner, and I trust that several Agents working on an email exchange can still be adequate.”

The distinction between these is important because Gladly provides Mail settings that help you lean towards one or the other.

Mail routing behavior

By default, Inbound Mail (Email and Voicemail) replies are always routed to the Agent that the Conversation is assigned to rather than being assigned back to the Inbox and being routed to a new Agent. However, you can configure what should happen to Mail assignment if a reply comes in after a specified window of time.

Take a look at the below graphic to see the available settings to control Mail routing behavior within Conversation Workflow:

Click on the interactive icons in the image below to learn more.

If you choose to assign incoming mail to the same Agent, as long as the Conversation is open and the Customer replies to the same email thread without creating a new email, the same Agent will receive the incoming mail replies from the Customer.

Q. What happens if the assigned Agent goes on an extended break and won’t be able to respond to the Customer in a timely manner?

Create Reassignment Rules to avoid extremely long response times.

If you do decide to keep Mail replies with the same Agent, you’ll need to be sure you’ve set up Rules to handle situations where the Agent is not available to work on the Conversation (i.e., they are on vacation, signed off for the day, etc.). This will ensure that your Customers get responses in unique situations where their assigned Agent isn’t able to reply in a timely manner.

On the other hand, If you choose to route incoming mail to the same Agent if the reply comes in after a certain time threshold, be aware of how closed Conversations are affected:

  • The Mail response window is only in effect if the Conversation stays open. As soon as the Agent closes a Conversation, the response window is ended, which means any net-new inbound mail messages will be routed to the next available agent.
  • If an Agent marks a Conversation as “No reply needed,” the response window is ended, which means any net-new inbound mail messages will be routed to the next available agent.

Q. My Agents are reporting that Emails are being routed to Inboxes for different Channels. What could be happening?

The Email was likely in “Reply-to” an earlier email. Gladly routes threaded emails to the same inbox where the most recent message was so that the whole thread could stay within the same inbox.