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Summary: Deep Dive into Routing

In this section, you went deep into the intricacies of what makes Gladly’s Routing Engine so powerful, great job! Here are some key takeaways from Deep Dive into Routing:

  • Two items can be routed in Gladly. They are:

    Conversation and Task

  • The typical way that a Conversation is routed can be summarized by the following order of operations:

    A Conversation comes through an Entry Point > The Conversation is sent to an Inbox > The Conversation is assigned to an Agent in the Inbox >

  • Customers are prioritized based on the following order:

    1. Voice 2. Messaging 3. Mail or Tasks

  • In general, an Agent is assigned by looking at the following factors:

    1. Channel Availability 2. Capacity/Workload 3. Agent Ordering (if many Agents could help the same Customer)

To wrap up, you’ll complete a walkthrough that showcases these concepts in Gladly. Click through the graphic below to see this demonstrated with a visual representation of a routing scenario.

Click on the interactive icons in the image below to learn more.

In the next section, you’ll learn about how Gladly works at the Channel level and the various settings that can be changed to customize the routing experience.