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Personalize the Routing Experience

By design, Routing consistently seeks to connect a Customer with an available Agent best suited to handle their needs. People Match and Dedicated Hero are routing features that enable you to improve upon this approach by adding a layer of personalization.

Take a look at how each of these features elevate routing through their own unique approach to routing Customers.

People Match

To understand People Match, it’s helpful to first understand how traditional routing works. Traditional routing tends to follow a “next in line” approach to prioritizing Customers. This means that when a Customer sends in a request, a set of basic rules look at factors such as:

  • SLAs
  • Due dates of the request
  • Type of Channel

While this system puts Customers into a queue with Agents that can help them, it places them at the end of the line without considering who they are or the particular need that they have.

Q. What’s the problem with traditional routing?

Consider this scenario:

A customer faces the inconvenience of having to alter their travel plans due to a sudden flight cancellation, while another customer is simply adjusting the dates of a future flight at their convenience. Prioritizing the former’s request over the latter’s seems not only fair but also demonstrates a commitment to customer satisfaction.

How People Match can make routing better

Unlike traditional routing, People Match takes into account the needs of the Customer at any given time. People Match does this by focusing on three key things about the Customer:

  1. Who They Are
  2. Their Situation
  3. What They Need

Put simply, People Match compliments Gladly routing by helping elevate customers based on more than just where they sit in a ticket queue.

Dedicated Hero

With Dedicated Hero, you can give your high-touch, VIP Customers the personal, white-glove service that keeps them loyal for life by assigning them their very own Agent/team of Agents.

As the name suggests, once a Customer is assigned their Dedicated Hero(es), they will always* be routed to their Hero(es), regardless of the Channel they use to contact you, as long as their Hero(es) is available. That means instead of having to remember a specific VIP email address or phone number, they simply reach out the way that’s most convenient for them, and are directed to their Hero(es).

Later in this course, you’ll learn how you can utilize People Match and Dedicated Hero to elevate your routing to a personal level.