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Summary: Dedicated Hero

In this section, you expanded your routing knowledge with Dedicated Hero, great job! Here are some key takeaways from Dedicated Hero:

  • Customers are always routed to their Dedicated Hero

    As long as the Dedicated Hero is available, the Customer is always routed to them.

  • Dedicated Hero is complimentary to routing

    The Routing Engine will work for every Customer interaction. Dedicated Hero routing will only occur when DH assignments have been made.

  • Reassigned Customers will return to their Dedicated Hero

    If a Dedicated Hero assigns the Conversation to another Agent, Contacts are routed to the other Agent if that Agent is in the inbound Inbox until the Conversation is closed.

Learn more about Dedicated Hero
You can dive even deeper into how Dedicated Hero works and how to apply it using the following resources: Dedicated Hero help docs.

In our last section, you’ll see how Rules can be used to customize the routing experience based on your organizations needs.