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Agent Skills

Exclusively used with People Match, Skills is a feature that allows Agents to be assigned specific skillsets to elevate the chances of Customers getting matched with Agents with skills tailored to address their particular need or situation. For example, a Customer who’d like to cancel a subscription can be routed to an Agent specializing in Customers who want to cancel their subscription. Skills help reduce the need to continuously manage Inbox assignments and reassign Agents as incoming volume fluctuates.

People Match

How Skills impact routing

Skills lets you use multiple Agent skills (e.g., Chat-Channel, Customer Retention, Spanish) plus People Match Boosts (e.g., increase boost size for certain skills) to attempt and match the Customer to the best Agent that can help them.

Explore how Skills works with People Match:

Customers are evaluated against the scenarios you have and tallies a score. When compared to every Customer waiting for the next available Agent in the same Inbox, the Customer with the highest tallied score at any given moment an Agent becomes available is routed to the Agent.

Q. Will Customers always be matched with Agents of the right skillset?

No. Like all of People Match, Skills provides a boost that will attempt to connect a Customer with a skilled Agent, but doesn’t guarantee a match.