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What Does Great Customer Service Look and Sound Like?

Course Details Delivering great customer service is all about your communication approach and how you treat the customer throughout their experience dealing with you. This course looks at the three V’s of communication, as studied by Albert Mehrabian that should always be consider when communicating with customers. Once the course is completed, you will understanding […]
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Dealing with Difficult Customers: Defusing Situations over the Phone

Course Details Have you spoken with a customer over the phone who was irritated, loud, and extremely angry? This course shows you how to diffuse the situation and turn things around while remaining calm and professional. This course comes with additional materials to help you implement the learning, including three key actions to take, a […]
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Strategies To Dealing With Difficult Customers

Course Details Explores how to positively resolve difficult situations. “The Customer is always right”. Right? Well, not always, but the customer is always the customer, and while they’re your customer you need strategies to deal with whatever challenges they bring. What you’ll learn
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Understanding the Customer (CPD Certified)

Course Details The best way to give your customers great service is by understanding them inside out. Now, you’re thinking, ‘Great, I’ll just ask them what they want.’ But it’s not that easy. People often don’t know what they want, so you’ll need to use a variety of techniques to find out more about your […]
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Attitude in Customer Service: Character and Integrity

Attitude in Customer Service: Character and Integrity

Course Details Character describes human qualities that create our public reputation such as personality, appearance, and behaviors. Integrity matches reality to our words — keep your promises. Discover why Integrity and honesty are the foundations of trust, the root of service. Apply strategies for cultivating exceptional customer service character every day. What you’ll learn
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Enhancing Service by Listening

Enhancing Service By Listening

Course Details When we care we listen to needs. Then we can provide excellent service. This entertaining and stimulating program is designed to help you develop positive attitudes to service, build passion for service excellence and improve face to face and phone service skills. Plot: Service is integral to Cutting Edge; if a client is […]
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Dealing with Difficult Customers: Achieving Mastery

Course Details Being able to effectively manage upset customers and their complaints is a key skill in any organization. Quite often this trying time with customers can be the make or break of a customer relationship as well as negative word of mouth. This complaints handling course will give you all the skills required to […]
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Mastering Customer Service

Course Details An effective customer service strategy is not just about answering the phone. It’s about providing value to the customer throughout their entire experience with your company. Don’t just “deal with your customers.” Help them and offer solutions that could enhance their experience with you. Be the best version of yourself, available to them […]
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Delivering Sensational Customer Service

Course Details Consistent Sensational Service shows how caring for customers and what they’re going through, especially in tough times, builds trust. Customers love to do business where they feel happy and satisfied. And when it is consistently excellent service, satisfied customers will keep coming back to you. They will tell others about the wonderful service […]
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Customer Service 101

Course Details This interactive self course provides an introduction to customer service. Using a range of realistic examples, scenarios and challenges, it is the ideal starting point to begin building your customer service skills through clear, easy to understand introduction to developing your customer service skills What you’ll learn
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