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Delivering Sensational Customer Service


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Consistent Sensational Service shows how caring for customers and what they’re going through, especially in tough times, builds trust. Customers love to do business where they feel happy and satisfied. And when it is consistently excellent service, satisfied customers will keep coming back to you. They will tell others about the wonderful service experience so it is great marketing and it is an important way to stand out from your competitors.

In this course, you’ll learn how to deliver sensational service consistently — with your words, tone of voice, body language and especially your actions, every time, all the time. In this dramatized case study, Carol considers sensational service is all about definite action and punctuality, and that service providers have passion and exceed her expectations.

What you’ll learn

  • Don’t be indifferent INSTEAD: Respond positively and build trust
  • Don’t assume you know INSTEAD: Ask and consistently care
  • Don’t wait for requests INSTEAD: Anticipate needs and surprise
  • Don’t be slow with actions INSTEAD: Be efficient and focus on results

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Delivering Sensational Customer Service
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