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Understanding the Customer (CPD Certified)


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The best way to give your customers great service is by understanding them inside out. Now, you’re thinking, ‘Great, I’ll just ask them what they want.’ But it’s not that easy. People often don’t know what they want, so you’ll need to use a variety of techniques to find out more about your customers.

By understanding the customer, you’ll be able to go beyond their expectations to deliver fantastic service. Knowing who your customers are and what they care about will help you get into your customers’ heads and see things from their perspective. This course will look at several ways to carry out customer research, so you can get the full picture about your customers.

What you’ll learn

  • Identify who your customers are.
  • Recognize what your customers need.
  • Be able to use a variety of methods to conduct customer research.

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Understanding the Customer (CPD Certified)