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Enhancing Service By Listening


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When we care we listen to needs. Then we can provide excellent service. This entertaining and stimulating program is designed to help you develop positive attitudes to service, build passion for service excellence and improve face to face and phone service skills.

Plot: Service is integral to Cutting Edge; if a client is not happy, they can lose business. Marcus likens service to a gecko’s suction capacity; once you get a client, you never let him/her go. Marcus introduces Barney Bradley who instructs everyone to close eyes and imagine a computer support frustration. He then asks them to imagine the joy one feels when great service is finally delivered. Sam explains the importance of GECKO. Get it right first time – no mistakes. Efficiency – one can simultaneously field a call and acknowledge the presence of someone who needs service. Having a Can-do attitude is vital – the notion that a company “might” do something, conveys the impression it won’t happen. A client who can count on you has a sense of confidence. Alex likes her customers to feel special; it is how they grow their customer base. Sherry loves Knowledge – finding out about her customers; the more she knows about them, the better the service she can give, whilst for Serena knowledge is part of preparedness. Outcomes is about finding an answer, setting a deadline and sticking to it. Steve’s motto: turn a complaint into congratulations!

What you’ll learn

  • Don’t assume or guess INSTEAD: Get it right first time.
  • Don’t waste time INSTEAD: Be efficient.
  • Don’t be rude or stop caring INSTEAD: Have a can do attitude.
  • Don’t lose focus on the customer INSTEAD: Find answers and solve problems.

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Enhancing Service By Listening