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Gladly Routing Logic Certificate Course

Course Description In a busy contact center, every second matters. Ensuring you’ve optimized your Gladly instance to meet your organization’s needs is vital. Gladly employs a sophisticated Routing Engine that intelligently delivers each Customer to an Agent, ensuring an ideal service experience. This certification course will teach you how to optimize routing to operate a […]
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Personalize Self-Service With Gladly Sidekick

Course Description Gladly Sidekick is an AI and automation platform for Customer service teams, built to deliver radically personal self-service across all digital channels through Gladly Hero. Gladly Sidekick helps Customers help themselves with personalized self-service and AI-assisted communication. It works hand-in-hand with Gladly Hero so that brands can deliver radically personal Customer service at […]
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SMS Compliance Fundamentals

Course Description With incredibly high read rates, SMS can be one of the best tools to deliver messaging to Customers. That said, you’ll want to ensure you follow the right guidelines to continue successfully communicating via SMS. This guide will help you understand how to stay compliant with SMS rules and avoid downtime when texting […]
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People-Centered Service With AI

Course Description With Customer interactions on the rise, wouldn’t it be nice to have an assistant to help you delight Customers? Our AI-powered assistant provides near-instantaneous help for Customers, empowering you to provide radically personal and memorable service. Use this course to learn how to leverage AI to boost efficiency, improve communication, reduce stress, and […]
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Learn How Not To Take Things Personally

Course Description Are you affected by how others act or react, especially when you feel you somehow cause it? Well, don’t take it personally; learn how to control your feelings by taking this course. What you’ll learn
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Administrator Certificate Course

Course Description The Administrator role in Glady is the ultimate user role in Gladly and provides access to settings and configurations for everything in Gladly. This certificate course is designed to help you become familiar and comfortable with managing Gladly and configuring settings and features only available to Administrators. What you’ll learn This certificate course […]
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Team Manager Certificate Course

Course Description Team Managers are critical in the day-to-day operations of a contact center. This certificate course is designed to help you understand how to run your contact center using Gladly as a Team Manager, along with the settings and features you need to be familiar with while working in Gladly. What you’ll learn Who […]
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Support Hero Certificate Course

Course Description Are you new to Gladly as Support Hero? You’ve come to the right place! This certificate course is designed to teach everything you need to know to work in Gladly and provide radically personal service. What you’ll learn Of course, it’s not all about Customers; it’s also about YOU! You are the Hero […]
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