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How to Work With OOTB Reports and Dashboards

Course Description As you know, Gladly is a full-featured CX platform! We offer you the tools you need to engage with Customers across a variety of Channels and touchpoints. Gladly also offers many different types of reports that will help you answer questions related to the operation of your Customer Service Center. This course will help you […]
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Compliance Management

Course Description Learn how to manage Customer data to keep your Customer information safe and secure. What you’ll learn Who this course is for Administrators or Compliance Administrator user roles.
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Use and Manage the Answers Knowledge Base

Course Description Knowledge is power! That saying can’t be more true in Gladly through the marvelous ‘Answers’ feature. Answers is used to power knowledge base information for Help Center, and Sidekick, including Agent-specific FAQs and help information. What you’ll learn Who should take this course Answer Administrators, Team Managers, and Administrator user roles.
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