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Two women seated in leather armchairs while chatting

Body Language: What Every BODY Is Saying

Course Details There are hidden meanings in body language. The brain controls body movements without being conscious, and sometimes those movements can be very revealing. This course book details how you can train yourself to become an expert in observing other people’s nonverbal cues and uncovering their meaning. What you’ll learn
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Mastering Emotional Intelligence

Mastering Emotional Intelligence

Course Details Having a solid understanding of emotions, be it our own emotions or the emotions of others, helps us to be better people, particularly in the workplace. When we develop and use our emotional intelligence, it helps us reduce stress, prevent conflict, and develop better work relationships, resulting in higher quality work and productivity. […]
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Showing Empathy

Course Details Showing empathy is a key skill to develop in a customer service sales or leadership role. This video details ways to show empathy and how to more clearly understand it. What you’ll learn
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The Importance of Listening with Empathy

Course Details Listening is a response, a decision, and a skill. Understanding how different approaches impact your ability to connect is key to interpersonal relationships in and out of the workplace. In this course, you’ll learn what listening with empathy means, why it’s important, what gets in the way of it, and how to listen […]
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Listening With Empathy

Course Details It’s frustrating when communication breaks down. And it’s often listening (or a lack of it) that’s to blame. With this course, you can learn how to listen and help others feel seen and heard. What you’ll learn
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Soft Skills

Emotional Intelligence Interpersonal Communication

Course Details Relationship management is all about interpersonal communication skills. It’s about your ability to get the best out of others, your ability to inspire and influence them, your ability to communicate and build bonds with them and your ability to help them change, grow, develop, and resolve conflict. In this course, we underline the […]
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How to Ask More Powerful Questions

Course Details Most breakthrough innovations began with a question such as “What if?” or a “I wonder?” We often neglect to use the power of questions to focus attention, stimulate ideas, and generate curiosity. These are all very desirable actions that can happen at the prompt of a good question. In this course, you will […]
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Listening Actively

Course Details Carol is very concerned because Marcus is not listening to her and after pointing it out they agree to listen to each other. Carol believes she is an expert listener, however various people in the office feel they are not being listened to. Marcus runs a listening skills session, especially for the benefit […]
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Waiting to Talk is Not Listening

Course Details To be a good manager requires many skills, and the most often-cited characteristic of great managers is listening. Many people have trouble listening because it requires turning down the “noise” in one’s own head while paying attention to others. This course reviews the steps of active listening and how to focus your attention […]
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