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Analyst reviewing data dashboard while taking notes.

Agile Business Processes

Course Details Have you heard the term “Agile” thrown around in your projects but never been properly instructed on how to get the most from the methodology? Have you been using Agile Project Management methods for some time and are looking for ways to improve your execution? Have you recently been put in charge of the budget for […]
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A leader addresses a group of people in a friendly environment.

Leadership and Team Development

Course Details Organizations have always relied on teams in some form. But now there is more emphasis on groups of people, working in teams, taking joint responsibility for achieving standards and meeting objectives. This course explores the key factors that make teams effective and the skills required to build, strengthen and maintain the team. What […]
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A remote team has a friendly discussion together on a video call.

Relationship Building With Virtual Teams

Course Details Do you want to learn practical strategies to improve communication, rapport, and trust in a remote work environment? Take advantage of this opportunity to enhance your virtual team management skills and take your team to the next level! Join Kylie Bell as she emphasizes the importance of building relationships, understanding different cultures, and […]
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A remote team collaborates by doing a tablet exercise together.

Boost Remote Team Collaboration

Course Details Virtual teams who aren’t collaborating efficiently and effectively up to 17% of their productivity. Over time, that adds up to a substantial loss that no team can afford. You certainly don’t want the downside of a virtual team environment to outweigh the positives.  In this course, gain skills in setting up new communication norms and building an […]
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A remote worker sits comfortably while using their phone and laptop for work.

Keeping Motivation High In Your Remote Team

Course Details In this course, you’ll learn how to maintain motivation and productivity in virtual teams with this course. Discover the micro-skills necessary to foster a cohesive team culture and drive towards shared goals. What you’ll learn
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Person participates in group activity amongst their team.

Team Building and Leadership

Course Details In this course, you will learn the difference between teams and teaming, the process of teaming, where teams work collaboratively to get things done, the concept of interpersonal risk, and the part it plays in organizational success. You will learn how leadership can reduce individual risk to encourage staff members to participate in […]
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Male worker raise hand asking question at office teambuilding

Team Building 101

Course Details Almost all of us work, play, or serve on teams in some capacity, so this topic is important. A team is a group of people who are mutually dependent on one another to achieve a common goal. A team recognizes and leverages the different talents and experiences each individual brings to the table […]
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A manager reviews an article on developing diversity.

How To Start Becoming a Leader

Course Details Being a leader is everyone’s opportunity. It can be learned if you are open to new ideas and ways of working with people. This may mean accepting occasional failure and letting go of “what worked before.” After completing this course, you will be better able to adopt new ideas and practices associated with […]
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Man listening to video call on his computer

Remote Work Training 101

Course Details Say goodbye to dull sessions and hello to engaged participants! This 15-minute course will help you engage your participants as effective trainers, facilitators, or team leaders. You’ll gain practical skills to create interactive sessions and ensure your key messages are not lost in distractions. What you’ll learn
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Woman wearing a headset taking a video call on her laptop

Remote Work Training: 20 Techniques to Train your Team

Course Details Say goodbye to dull sessions and hello to engaged participants! This 15-minute course will help you learn how to engage your team or participants as an effective trainer, facilitator, or team leader. You’ll gain practical skills to create interactive sessions and ensure your key messages are kept from distractions. What you’ll learn
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