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Discovery through Open-Ended Questions

Course Details “The art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge.” – Thomas Berger Asking open-ended questions is a powerful tool to spark new ideas and discussions and develop strategic thinking, collaboration, and innovative business solutions. This course will help you demonstrate curiosity and active listening through open-ended questions — helping […]
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Strategic Thinking: Tools and Techniques

Course Details In this course, learn essential decision-making tools like the Decision Tree Model, RAM Matrix, SPADE, and BRIDGeS for multi-context decisions. Discover RACI responsibility charting, cost-benefit analysis, and the Risk Assessment Framework for mitigating risks. Develop strategic thinking skills with Porter’s Five Forces and competitor analysis, applicable in personal and professional contexts. Explore real-life […]
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The Fundamentals of Business Strategy

Course Details In this course, you’ll learn about strategic management theory and its practical application in achieving long-term company goals, competitive advantage, and profitability. You’ll explore the strategic analysis, development, implementation, and evaluation processes and the foundations of strategic thinking and game theory. Gain a deeper understanding of sustainable competitive advantage in today’s dynamic, global […]
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Strategic Thinking 101

Course Details Learn how to think strategically with this 7-minute micro-learning module. This course distinguishes between tactical and strategic thinking and provides essential tips for developing your strategic mindset. What you’ll learn
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Decision Making 101: Facts vs. Opinions

Course Details Separating facts from opinions is a critical component of good decision-making. Facts are defined as “statements supported by verifiable evidence.” Opinions are beliefs or personal judgments that cannot be supported by verifiable proof. This course will discuss the different types of facts and how careful observation of hard evidence is essential to making […]
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Basics of Problem Solving and Resolution

Course Details This course will teach you the systematic problem-solving process to enable you to deliver effective solutions. Through this series, you will understand the stages of creative problem-solving, making confident decisions, crisis resolution, and problem recognition and definition. You will learn to identify obstacles that hinder your desired goal and develop problem-solving skills to […]
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Problem Solving 101

Course Details We all have those annoying minor problems that often crop up, but what if it’s a significant work-related problem? In this short video, you will walk through key steps in the problem-solving process, from identifying the fundamental cause to monitoring and tracking solutions. What you’ll learn
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