Allow-Listing New Gladly Voice IPs:

Don't forget to allow-list the IP range and expand the UDP port range to 10000-60000 for Voice before January 23, 2024 if you have strict network requirements while using Gladly. More info here.

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How do I delete customer data from Gladly?

Manage how long to store Customer data for and delete Customer data collected, including Contacts, Conversations, or their entire Customer Profile, to abide by privacy and data regulations.

How do I delete information/images from the Conversation Timeline?

Information on how to delete attachments (images, files, documents, etc.) directly from the Conversation Timeline. This is sometimes needed if a Customer sends private/sensitive information that should not be stored in Gladly.

What other apps does Gladly integrate with?

See our list of integration partners and how to get started.

I deleted a Customer’s detail in their Profile but it keeps reappearing

Learn how to unlink customer details here.

How do I download Conversation transcripts?

Conversation transcripts cannot be downloaded via the UI but can be completed through API. You can download Conversation copies one at a time or in bulk. See how here.

How do I send mass communications with Customer in Gladly?

Proactive Conversations provide ways to engage with your Customers in a manner they may not always expect. Proactive Conversations consist of Proactive Chat, Proactive Email, Proactive Voice, and Proactive SMS. Learn more about how to send through all of these channels.

Can I block disruptive/abusive Customers in Gladly?

You may find yourself needing to block certain Customers from contacting you, especially when they send inappropriate messages or are become disruptive. Learn how to stop disruptive behavior through various channels here.

What are Gladly Support's operating hours?

Gladly Support hours are 6 AM to 6 PM Pacific Time, Monday to Friday. Our team follows modified Support hours during certain company holidays. You can submit a request anytime, but please make sure to use the correct business impact/severity level:

  • P1 and P2 requests for Premium tier Customers alert our Support team, and requests are reviewed & responded to within the allotted response time.
  • P3 and P4 requests are replied to during normal business hours.

Christmas and New Year Holiday: Monday 12/25 to Friday 12/29 and Monday 1/1/24

  • P1s and P2s for Premium Support will be responded to in line with normal calendar hour SLAs.
  • P1s for Standard Support will be answered within a 2-hour calendar SLA.
  • Other submissions will be handled within normal business hours SLAs, outside of Gladly Holidays.
  • Can’t find what you’re looking for?

    Here are additional documentation resources below.

    Business Impact and Priority Level Details

    Choosing the correct 'Business Impact' priority level in the form prevents delays in processing your request.

    Priority 1

    Critical Business Impact


    Platform outage occurring on production system preventing business operations. A large number of users are prevented from working with no procedural workaround. (Gladly is offline and entirely inoperable.)

    First Response Time: Premium

    1 hour

    Severity Level: Correct

    Outgoing Chat messages are failing to send. This is affecting multiple Agents across the country.

    Multiple (possibly all) Agents can't take calls in Gladly.

    First Response Time: Standard

    2 business hours

    Severity Level: Incorrect

    It looks like I haven't been receiving emails from a Customer. (Recommended Severity: P3)

    Can we please remove this Customer's credit card info that's included in this note? (Recommended Severity: P3)

    Priority 2

    Major Business Impact


    Major issue occurring in the production system severely impacting business. (The issue impacts numerous users, but they are still able to work in a limited capacity.)

    First Response Time: Premium

    4 hours

    Severity Level: Correct

    Several Agents are currently unable to login to Gladly via our SSO.

    Several Agents are unable to accept calls and are showing as unavailable while using our VPN. (Other Agents are able to use Gladly just fine).

    First Response Time: Standard

    4 business hours

    Severity Level: Incorrect

    One of our Agents has received many calls this morning and each time the Customer could not hear them. (Recommended Severity: P3)

    We have a rule for routing emails from our UK Customer to our General Inquiries Inbox and I'm not sure if I set up the regex correctly - please help! (Recommended Severity: P3 or P4)

    Priority 3

    Partial Business Impact


    Issue causing impaired or non-critical loss of functionality on the production system. (The issue impacts 1-2 users.)

    First Response Time: Premium

    Next business day

    Severity Level: Correct

    Our Facebook Channel is currently not receiving messages from Customers in Gladly - what happened?

    We need to block these numbers from entering our IVR's.

    First Response Time: Standard

    Next business day

    Severity Level: Incorrect

    Please add this new email entry point to Gladly. (Recommended Severity: P4)

    Is there a report that does x, y & z in Gladly? (Recommended Severity: P4)

    Priority 4

    Minimal Business Impact


    Issue occurring on non-production system or question, comment, feature request, documentation issue, or other non-impacting issues.

    First Response Time: Premium

    3 business days

    Severity Level: Correct

    Is there a report that does x, y & z in Gladly?

    Please delete the following Customer profiles from Gladly.

    First Response Time: Standard

    3 business days

    Severity Level: Incorrect

    We need to block the these numbers from entering our IVR's. (Recommended Severity: P3)

    Agents are unable to type in Japanese in Gladly's conversation window. (Recommended Severity: P3)

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