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Learn How Not To Take Things Personally

Course Description Are you affected by how others act or react, especially when you feel you somehow cause it? Well, don’t take it personally; learn how to control your feelings by taking this course. What you’ll learn
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Support Hero Certificate Course

Course Description Are you new to Gladly as Support Hero? You’ve come to the right place! This certificate course is designed to teach everything you need to know to work in Gladly and provide radically personal service. What you’ll learn Of course, it’s not all about Customers; it’s also about YOU! You are the Hero […]
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Customer Service Essentials

Course Description From best practices to supporting Customers to utilizing Gladly features, this course can help elevate your ability to delight your Customers by combining different service strategies using Gladly. What you’ll learn Who should take this course Agents or Team Manager user roles.
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Help Customers on Messaging Channels

Course Description Learn how to communicate with Customers through SMS, chat, and social Messaging Channels like Instagram Messaging and Direct Messages. What you’ll learn Who should take this course Agents and Team Manager user roles.
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