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Coaching: Frontline Leadership Success

Course Details Unlock your leadership potential with Successful Coaching. Whether leading a team or looking to advance your career, coaching can help you and those around you reach new heights. In this course, you’ll learn how to enhance the capacity, competence, and skills of those around you, paving the way for success in the workplace. […]
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How Leaders Can Develop Self-Motivated People

Course Details Kylie Bells, a leadership development expert, says three ingredients (nutriments) improve people’s self-motivation: relationships, competency and autonomy. The astute leader takes time to cultivate each nutriment. This course is designed to help managers and team leaders understand what motivates their people and how to create a motivated team. The course is packed with […]
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Optimizing the Hybrid Work Model - Health and Well-being

Optimizing the Hybrid Work Model – Health and Well-being

Course Details With or without a pandemic, it’s important to underline the importance of workforce well-being, and its links to business performance and productivity, which has prompted senior leaders to significantly elevate the importance of employee well-being. This course discussed a range of considerations, tools and techniques, designed to support the well-being of hybrid workforces. […]
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Maintaining Positive Relationships and Managing Conflict

Course Details Lean and investigate the key values that help to develop and maintain harmonious, positive working environments. Take a look at enhancing your understanding of yourself and others. Of course, no situation is perfect, so this course also investigate strategies for positive management of difficult discussions and conflict. What you’ll learn
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Team Building: Conflict Resolution in Teams

Course Details When teams are performing at their best, excellent results can be achieved, so it’s important for everyone in a team to understand what it takes to make a high-performing team. Some conflict is natural in teams, and there are different ways it can be handled. All conflicts have one bottom-line trigger — differences […]
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Conflict Resolution for Managers

Course Details For leaders, the rule is: intervene as little as possible, but as much as necessary in a conflict involving their own employees. As a starting point, it is important to also recognize hidden conflicts and assess their severity. The theoretical basis for this is provided by Friedrich Glasl’s model of the nine stages […]
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How To Mediate Conflicts

Course Details Medicating conflicts is a powerful skill that every leader should master. Team members can also benefit from learning to resolve conflict can damage morale, negatively affect work performance, and can even lead to legal issues for the organization. Unhealthy conflict needs to be resolved quickly, and workplace mediation can be an effective approach. […]
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Surviving Team Conflicts

Course Details Too much energy is wasted on wars at work. Peace and harmony is good for health and well being. This interactive course is designed to help teams work together more cooperatively by resolving and mediating conflicts, and developing powerful strategies to improve their collaboration. Plot: Carol is attempting to mediate a dispute between […]
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The 5 Options of Conflict Resolution

Course Details It’s is inevitable that you will need to one day resolve conflict. Be better prepared by understanding the 5 options for conflict resolution that can assist you in the process. This course comes with additional materials to help you implement the learning, including three key actions to take, a blueprint for self-coaching, and […]
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