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How To Mediate Conflicts


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Medicating conflicts is a powerful skill that every leader should master. Team members can also benefit from learning to resolve conflict can damage morale, negatively affect work performance, and can even lead to legal issues for the organization. Unhealthy conflict needs to be resolved quickly, and workplace mediation can be an effective approach. Mediation can help resolve conflict, and improve understanding and collaboration.

In this How to Mediate Conflicts course, you will learn how to listen supportively to both parties, control respectful exchanges, use questions to clarify and summarize, facilitate solutions and agree actions. Control the discussion, don’t let emotions take over and ensure you reach a solution and agreed actions by both parties.

What you’ll learn

  • DON’T take sides and assume INSTEAD: Listen supportively to both parties
  • DON’T allow emotions to escalate INSTEAD: Control respectful exchanges
  • DON’T bulldoze with your opinions INSTEAD: Use questions to clarify and summarize
  • DON’T leave problems unresolved INSTEAD: Facilitate solutions and agree on actions

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How To Mediate Conflicts
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