Course Category: Negotiation

Two people actively negotiate on terms.

Negotiating For Win-Win Outcomes

Course Details This course teaches you how to navigate challenging negotiations with difficult partners by providing you with the essential tools to maintain control. You will learn to manage conflicting interests, revive stalled negotiations, and defend yourself against attacks. The course emphasizes the importance of preparation in achieving successful outcomes in complex negotiations. What you’ll […]
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Several people discuss terms of a situation as they attempt to come to an agreement.

Mastering Negotiations

Course Details Learn how to master negotiation skills for both personal and professional settings. This course provides proven techniques for structuring and approaching negotiations with clarity and efficiency. You’ll discover the concept of collaborative negotiation, which emphasizes understanding the other person’s feelings and viewpoints. What you’ll learn
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A person sits at their computer as they face challenges with their work.

Conflictless Negotiations

Course Details This course will teach you how to reach agreements and avoid conflict. Using the PEACE model, you will effectively approach negotiations and drive resolute outcomes. Additionally, you will learn how to avoid common negotiation mistakes. What you’ll learn
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Two people discuss terms as they attempt to come to an agreement.

Win-Win Negotiations

Course Details In this course, you’ll learn to negotiate effectively by adopting a collaborative approach and prioritizing preparation. Discover how to develop a positive mindset, build rapport, and identify your BATNA to achieve successful outcomes in any negotiation. What you’ll learn
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Several people come to terms on an agreement by signing a document.

Negotiation Basics 101

Course Details Learn how to master the art of negotiation and achieve successful outcomes through this comprehensive course. Gain essential tools for conducting successful negotiations, identifying the best time to stop, and preparing effectively. With practical solutions and targeted benefit argumentation, you’ll be equipped to close negotiations successfully in the future. What you’ll learn
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