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Course Description

As you know, Gladly is a full-featured CX platform! We offer you the tools you need to engage with Customers across a variety of Channels and touchpoints. Gladly also offers many different types of reports that will help you answer questions related to the operation of your Customer Service Center.

This course will help you make powerful decisions by utilizing Gladly data. Build a strong foundation by learning how to use, manipulate, and manage reports.

What you’ll learn

  • Overview of the reports UI.
  • Who has access to reports and dashboards in Gladly.
  • How to find Gladly reports and dashboards.
  • How to filter & run reports.

Who should take this course

Team Managers and Administrators or anyone who will be reviewing reports in Gladly.

Course Content

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Introduction to Reports and Insights
Concepts Overview
Work with Gladly Reports
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