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Public Speaking and Presentations Made Simple


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This course will help you improve your presentation skills and captivate your audience. You will learn how to grab and hold your audience’s attention, make a memorable point, and organize your material in an easy-to-follow way. Using our proprietary SpeechBuilder tool, you’ll build a compelling presentation while taking the course.

This highly interactive, self-paced course can be completed in just 60 minutes, making it a convenient and efficient way to develop your public speaking abilities.

What you’ll learn

  • Simplify the elements of an effective presentation.
  • Give hands-on experience in building an effective presentation.
  • Detail on how to modulate a presentation to fit time constraints.
  • Use attention span data to guide the development of a presentation.
  • Organize material for a presentation into memorable “chunks” that make it easy to deliver.

Course Content

Public Speaking and Presentations Made Simple