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Managing Time Successfully


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When you manage your time you decrease stress and increase results. This entertaining and stimulating interactive course is designed to help people improve their time management skills and learn to create schedules and priorities that help them become successful.

Plot: Marcus unveils his new approach to time management: a self-portrait poster with the slogan — Its Time. He believes that this poster placed everywhere in the office and hanging outside the building will help improve staff punctuality. Casey admits she is a procrastinator. Sam suggests to a ruffled Carlos that he operates on manana time; Carlos disagrees. When there are competing priorities Serena uses a personal organizer to rank items in terms of importance. Barney and Dion recommend dealing with the bigger tasks first; Dion uses a big rocks small rocks strategy to determine priorities. Sam suggests completing one task at a time and setting goals in given time periods rather than being disorganized. Focus on completion and enjoy checking off the tasks.

What you’ll learn

  • Don’t procrastinate INSTEAD: Just DO IT!!
  • Don’t be unreliable INSTEAD: Be punctual and efficient
  • Don’t be disorganized INSTEAD: List and prioritize
  • Don’t lost direction INSTEAD: Focus on completion

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Managing Time Successfully
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