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Course Description

The Administrator role in Glady is the ultimate user role in Gladly and provides access to settings and configurations for everything in Gladly. This certificate course is designed to help you become familiar and comfortable with managing Gladly and configuring settings and features only available to Administrators.

What you’ll learn

  • To give you an overview of the tools and features only available to you as an Administrator.
  • Help you understand how to use all of Gladly’s administrative tools that are only available to Administrators.
  • Help make you feel confident using Gladly as an Administrator to ensure that Gladly is optimized to support your team and your Customers.

This certificate course will cover several features while providing a mid-level overview of Gladly, ensuring you will learn more than enough to feel comfortable using Gladly quickly.

Who should take this course

This course is for Administrators.

Course Content

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Getting Started as an Administrator in Gladly
User Management
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Entry Point + Conversation Workflow Settings
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Inbox Settings
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Working With Rules
Agent Experience Settings
Glad App
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