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Difficult Conversations: How To Become a Master of Them


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Are you negotiating for a promotion, having to give critical feedback to colleagues, or dealing with performance issues and grappling with interpersonal conflict? No longer will you shy Away or feel unprepared for conversations in the workplace. You’ll feel prepared to go through the conflict and come out with constructive results.

These skills will benefit your personal life too. This training gives you the ability to approach conflict with a clear head and a greater understanding of conflict resolution. Do you need to tell your significant other that the relationship isn’t working, or that having kids isn’t on the cards for you? Having difficult conversations like this is stressful but made easier for both parties with the right knowledge.

You will learn how to master the science of controlling and directing discussions. We’ll look at effective ways of diffusing tense situations, controlling your emotions, and using your body language and tone to impact the conversation in meaningful ways.

You’ll learn how to close a conversation with grace, how to dictate clearly, and how to master anxiety through training and hard work. This is your opportunity to become a calm, determined individual who can handle difficult conversations with ease!

What you’ll learn

  • Handle difficult conversations in various scenarios
  • Understand the circumstances that lead to difficult conversations
  • Stay calm and confident during challenging conversations
  • Stay in control when starting these conversations
  • Develop conversational techniques that get the results
  • – Convey empathy and fully understand your audience
  • – Build rapport in a conversation
  • – Focus on factual statements
  • – Speak confidently and clearly, and use effective tone and body language
  • – Reach an agreement or successful conclusion

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Difficult Conversations: How To Become a Master of Them
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