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Create a Culture of Customer Service Excellence with FISH!


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Learn 4 simple principles to help you enjoy work and life more. Studies show a great culture drives great performance. We believe that everyone has a right to be happy and studies show that when employees are happy this has a direct impact on the Happiness of Customers.

This course will give your team a common language of positivity where they will learn four simple principles that when practised consistently, will bring more joy to their work. The learners will watch videos from Real People dealing with Real Situations.

As a result they will learn easy to follow tips and techniques that they can start to practise immediately at work that will help them strengthen relationships, leading to improved teamwork, exceptional customer service and higher employee retention.

Top Brands and Employers of Choice have been sharing FISH! with their teams for over 2 decades. This course gives you a convenient, effective way to learn or share the World Famou FISH! Philosophy.

Added Fact: This course actually won Gold for Best Customer Experience Training online at the 2019 LearnX Live Awards.

What you’ll learn

  • Boost enthusiasm and energy
  • Turn routine interactions into Make Their Day moments
  • Be There and show your customers you care
  • Be more aware of your impact (vital for Leaders)
  • Increase enjoyment and creativity
  • Build stronger relationships at work
  • Create a positive work culture

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Create a Culture of Customer Service Excellence with FISH!