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Boost Efficiency With Hero AI

Use Hero AI to improve how you communicate with Customers.


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Course Description

With Customer interactions on the rise, wouldn’t it be nice to have an assistant to help you delight Customers? Look no further than Hero AI. Our AI-powered assistant provides near-instantaneous help with every Customer, empowering you to provide radically personal and memorable service.

Use this course to learn all about how you can leverage the power of AI to boost efficiency, reduce stress, and delight Customers. Learn to use the following Hero AI features:

  • Hero AI Authoring
  • Hero AI Summaries
  • Hero AI Replies

What you’ll learn

  • How to write expert-level messages with Hero AI Authoring.
  • How to encapsulate Customer Conversations with Hero AI Summaries.
  • How to leverage Answers search to generate suggested replies for Customers.

Who should take this course

Agents, Team Managers, and anyone utilizing Hero AI to communicate with Customers.

Hero AI is available for free until October 31, 2023
Hero AI is currently available to everyone until October 31, 2023. After that date, it will become a paid feature.