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Two individuals review a computer showing the data behind their small business.

Introduction To AI For Businesses

Course Details Does the concept of artificial intelligence intrigue you but you’re not sure where to start? Does technical terminology make it hard for you to fully comprehend what AI is and what it does? Do you need help understanding the applications of AI beyond a basic level? If so, this is the course for […]
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A person looks over their data on various monitors while relaxing with a coffee.

Data and Artificial Intelligence

Course Details This course explains the meaning and strategic value of big data, intelligent data, and data science in professional contexts. You will also learn the importance of integrating data into a company’s corporate culture before creating new business strategies, regardless of the core business. Students will learn how companies like Uber, Airbnb, Netflix, SNCF, […]
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Promises and Challenges of AI

Course Details This course explores the impact of digital technology in our daily lives and will help you anticipate future changes. The course will also focus on artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies like robotics, blockchains, virtual reality, and biotechnology. By examining current developments in these fields, students will better understand what the future may […]
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Individual works on computer while sitting down.

Evolution of AI

Course Details In this course, you will learn about the evolution of artificial intelligence (AI). We will also define what intelligent agents are and explore the meaning of artificial general intelligence. Next, we will debunk some common AI myths. You will also learn about the elements of AI, including machine learning and deep learning in […]
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Woman standing around a table as her colleagues watch her giving a speech

Becoming an Organization Focused on Continuous Learning

Course Details Learn how to create a learning culture for success in your organization. Gain executive support and incorporate learning into your mission, goals, and value statements. Get everyone on board and establish easy-to-use systems to make learning a part of corporate behavior. Increase productivity, profits, personal development, and job satisfaction for your organization and […]
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Man wearing a hoodie and a headset talking to a customer on the phone

Non-Trainer: Basics of Training

Course Details This course teaches non-professional trainers how to deliver practical training sessions. Participants will explore various training methods, their advantages, and their disadvantages. The training also covers creating a lesson plan, a critical component of any training session. What you’ll learn
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Woman talking to colleagues and smiling while on a video call

Training: Leading Virtual Teams

Course Details This course equips managers with the skills to lead virtual teams effectively. Through a blend of best practices and current research, participants will learn a practical approach to managing dispersed teams’ unique challenges, including differences in location, language, culture, and time zones. The training focuses on enabling managers to create an inclusive environment […]
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Man presenting to a large audience in a conference room

Train The Trainer: Essential Elements For Crafting High-Quality Training Courses

Course Details This course teaches trainers how to design engaging content that effectively delivering learning objectives. Participants will receive the necessary tools to create classes that capture learners’ attention and foster a desire for continued education. The training emphasizes the importance of designing content that is easy to comprehend and encourages active participation. Upon completion, […]
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Man and woman in office chatting and looking at computer

Coaching: Mentoring Your Peers

Course Details Discover the power of peer mentoring and how it can help you grow. In this course, you will learn how to actively mentor those around you by sharing your knowledge, experience, and insights. In this course, you’ll learn how to effectively mentor your peers while being able to identify eight different types of […]
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Woman taking a video call with a man gesturing with his hands

Give The Gift Of Feedback

Course Details Providing feedback is essential, but it can be challenging to get feedback right. You risk hurting another person’s feelings and/or damaging your relationship. This course covers everything you need to know about feedback, giving you practical tips, tools, and practice exercises you can use immediately to get better results. What you’ll learn
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