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Becoming an Organization Focused on Continuous Learning

Course Details Learn how to create a learning culture for success in your organization. Gain executive support and incorporate learning into your mission, goals, and value statements. Get everyone on board and establish easy-to-use systems to make learning a part of corporate behavior. Increase productivity, profits, personal development, and job satisfaction for your organization and […]
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Group-Based Learning

Course Details Interested in becoming an entry-based trainer, teacher, or facilitator? This course will connect you with essential skills and knowledge to design and deliver effective training programs to a group of learners. This course covers the entire process, from planning and organizing to delivering and assessing the program’s effectiveness. What you’ll learn
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Designing and Facilitating Training

Course Details This course focuses on effective training and leadership strategies. Helping you identify training needs, ensuring that leadership is on board before customizing a training program with clear goals and outcomes. Her approach prioritizes interactivity and emotional engagement to promote successful outcomes. Post-training feedback and evaluation are used to ensure that change has occurred. […]
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Training Implementation

Course Details Learn how to create effective training programs that meet your business needs and address skill gaps with the Implementing Successful Training course. Join Sadhana Smiles and Eve Ash as they discuss the importance of using a blended learning approach to engage and motivate your team and provide ongoing feedback and evaluation to ensure […]
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Training Evaluation: People and Processes

Course Details This course provides a comprehensive understanding of critical observation skills relevant to individuals across all professions. Participants will learn to analyze the details beyond surface-level communication and explore the deeper meaning of various aspects of work. By training in critical observation, participants will be better equipped to understand the rationale behind people and […]
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Training Evaluation: Your Approach to Learning

Course Details This course emphasizes the importance of continuous learning for professional development. Participants will explore various forms of continuous learning, including online communities and social learning, to continuously improve their knowledge and skill set. Participants can enhance their personal performance and career progression by consistently expanding their knowledge and skills. What you’ll learn
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Training Mastery

Course Details The course will cover the importance of understanding learners’ different learning styles and offers techniques for making training fun and engaging, such as role-plays, small group activities, storytelling, and mnemonic devices. You will learn the importance of skill-building and maintaining high energy levels to ensure practical training sessions. By the end of the […]
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Non-Trainer: Facilitation Skills

Course Details The pace of change is accelerating, so employees must continuously update their skills and explore new opportunities. In this course, you will discover that developing people involves many activities, of which training is perhaps the most important. You don’t have to become a professional trainer, but the techniques covered in this course will […]
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Train The Trainer: Essential Elements For Crafting High-Quality Training Courses

Course Details This course teaches trainers how to design engaging content that effectively delivering learning objectives. Participants will receive the necessary tools to create classes that capture learners’ attention and foster a desire for continued education. The training emphasizes the importance of designing content that is easy to comprehend and encourages active participation. Upon completion, […]
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Planning to Achieve Objectives

Planning to Achieve Objectives

Course Details This course will provide you with the knowledge and techniques to navigate the planning process effectively using the right tools and methods. You will gain the ability to manage deadlines, stay focused on your goals, and avoid getting bogged down in procedures. With our comprehensive guide, you will learn reliable planning methods to […]
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