Course Category: Speaking and Presentations

A designer reviews ideas for a presentation they are crafting.

Creating Effective Presentations

Course Details This course is designed for managers presenting to customers, teams, or decision-makers. Effective presentations require organizational skills, insight, technical abilities, and courage. Although public speaking can be intimidating, this course will guide you through the steps to methodically plan and execute your presentation. You will learn to plan and organize your topic, choose […]
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A public speaker looks out on a crowd confidently while addressing questions.

Public Speaking and Presentations Made Simple

Course Details This course will help you improve your presentation skills and captivate your audience. You will learn how to grab and hold your audience’s attention, make a memorable point, and organize your material in an easy-to-follow way. Using our proprietary SpeechBuilder tool, you’ll build a compelling presentation while taking the course. This highly interactive, […]
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A public speaker uses hand motions while addressing a crowd.

The Art of Public Speaking

Course Details This course teaches the art of public speaking, designed for anyone who needs to improve their speech delivery, oral presentation skills, or public speaking confidence. Learn how to build actionable awareness and create a lasting impact on your audience. What you’ll learn
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