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Advanced CSS code is displayed on a computer.

Mastering CSS

Course Details The certification teaches the fundamentals of CSS, including syntax, usage, and properties. You will learn how to use CSS to style websites with borders, colors, positions, and spacing. The course also covers various CSS properties, such as font sizes, background images, and padding. Prior HTML knowledge is helpful but not required. What you’ll […]
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Several people discuss terms of a situation as they attempt to come to an agreement.

Mastering Negotiations

Course Details Learn how to master negotiation skills for both personal and professional settings. This course provides proven techniques for structuring and approaching negotiations with clarity and efficiency. You’ll discover the concept of collaborative negotiation, which emphasizes understanding the other person’s feelings and viewpoints. What you’ll learn
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A leader addresses a group of people in a friendly environment.

Leadership and Team Development

Course Details Organizations have always relied on teams in some form. But now there is more emphasis on groups of people, working in teams, taking joint responsibility for achieving standards and meeting objectives. This course explores the key factors that make teams effective and the skills required to build, strengthen and maintain the team. What […]
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A professional gives a presentation to a large group at a conference.

Public Speaking Mastery

Course Details This course is for those who want to master the art of public speaking. The content includes exercises for centering and grounding that remove anxiety, develop powerful energy and presence, and guidance in creating a compelling message. What you’ll learn
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Person reviews a presentation they are planning for a team they manage.

Leadership 201

Course Details Learn the basic principles of leadership and develop management skills to build a successful team with training from ILM, the UK’s top voice on leadership and management. Whether new to management or looking to improve team performance, this course will equip you with the knowledge and tools to become an effective leader. What […]
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Two seated people taking notes while looking at a laptop

The Fundamentals of Business Strategy

Course Details In this course, you’ll learn about strategic management theory and its practical application in achieving long-term company goals, competitive advantage, and profitability. You’ll explore the strategic analysis, development, implementation, and evaluation processes and the foundations of strategic thinking and game theory. Gain a deeper understanding of sustainable competitive advantage in today’s dynamic, global […]
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Man in buttoned shirt thinking and working on a laptop

Basics of Problem Solving and Resolution

Course Details This course will teach you the systematic problem-solving process to enable you to deliver effective solutions. Through this series, you will understand the stages of creative problem-solving, making confident decisions, crisis resolution, and problem recognition and definition. You will learn to identify obstacles that hinder your desired goal and develop problem-solving skills to […]
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Man leaning over desk while taking notes

Introduction to Change Management

Course Details This certification course provides an introduction to change management. Using a range of realistic examples, scenarios and challenges, it is the ideal starting point to begin building your change management skills. What you’ll learn
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Smiling man in blue shirt holding tablet

Introduction to Project Management

Course Details This certification course provides an introduction to project management. Using a range of realistic examples, scenarios and challenges, it is the ideal starting point to begin building your project management skills. What you’ll learn
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Woman talking on phone while looking at a package

Dealing with Difficult Customers: Achieving Mastery

Course Details Being able to effectively manage upset customers and their complaints is a key skill in any organization. Quite often this trying time with customers can be the make or break of a customer relationship as well as negative word of mouth. This complaints handling course will give you all the skills required to […]
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