Course Category: Administrators, Team Managers, Compliance Administrators

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Learn How Not To Take Things Personally

Course Description Are you affected by how others act or react, especially when you feel you somehow cause it? Well, don’t take it personally; learn how to control your feelings by taking this course. What you’ll learn
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Administrator Certificate Course

Course Description The Administrator role in Glady is the ultimate user role in Gladly and provides access to settings and configurations for everything in Gladly. This certificate course is designed to help you become familiar and comfortable with managing Gladly and configuring settings and features only available to Administrators. What you’ll learn This certificate course […]
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Team Manager Certificate Course

Course Description Team Managers are critical in the day-to-day operations of a contact center. This certificate course is designed to help you understand how to run your contact center using Gladly as a Team Manager, along with the settings and features you need to be familiar with while working in Gladly. What you’ll learn Who […]
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