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A professional sits at a table as they address their remote team through a headset.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Team Leader – New Leadership

Course Details A team leader provides direction, instructions and guidance to a group of individuals. An effective leader will get the best out of their team.  In this short course, we look at the role of team leader, the responsibilities and what you need to do to lead a team. This course is aimed at […]
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Person reviews information on their computer.

What is Self Determination Theory?

Course Details In this course, you will learn about the three psychological needs that humans require for motivation and cooperation in an organizational setting. You will discover the nutriments of relationships, competency, and autonomy, as Edward Deci and Richard Ryan identified, and how they lead to increased problem-solving ability, creativity, and motivation. The course will […]
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Person reviews a presentation they are planning for a team they manage.

Leadership 201

Course Details Learn the basic principles of leadership and develop management skills to build a successful team with training from ILM, the UK’s top voice on leadership and management. Whether new to management or looking to improve team performance, this course will equip you with the knowledge and tools to become an effective leader. What […]
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A manager sits at a computer as they review a new presentation they created.

Leading with Empathy

Course Details With new skills required in today’s rapidly changing world, empathy is crucial for solid leadership. You will join Tim Spengler in this course to learn about becoming a more empathetic leader. Gain tools and strategies to create a happier, healthier, and more productive work environment. This course will equip you with the skills […]
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A manager reviews team feedback on their computer.

Leadership 101

Course Details This course introduces foundational leadership concepts, highlighting the importance of authentic leadership in maintaining a successful team. Leaders must earn their team’s confidence, respect, and cooperation to maximize effort toward achieving shared goals. What you’ll learn
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A professional stands in front of their computers.

Developing as a Leader & Manager

Course Details Establish yourself as an indispensable leader within your organization. Bad management is the main reason people leave their jobs. 50% of adults in the US have left a position to get Away from their manager. Transitioning into a leadership role can be challenging. This detailed Leadership course guides you on inspiring employees, communicating […]
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Person interacts with a virtual team on a video call.

Impactful Communication Basics

Course Details Contrary to popular belief, there are other factors besides post-training leadership in determining success. This course will emphasize the importance of setting clear expectations during the interview process for achieving high performance and retention of individuals. By establishing a clear understanding of the role, leadership, and future growth opportunities early on, participants will […]
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A virtual team works on their goals on a video call.

Collaborative Goal Setting

Course Details Discover how goal-setting can improve your results and provide clarity, purpose, and meaning to your work in this course. Collaborate with your team members to create goals connected to the company’s overall success. This course will allow you to gain greater understanding, ownership, and agreement through collaboration, driving tremendous success and results. With […]
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A group brainstorms ideas around a whiteboard as they come to a decision.

Collaborative Decision-Making

Course Details This course will teach you how to use data to create value and make informed decisions. With unlimited data available, it is crucial to understand how to use it effectively. Are you ready to revise your data methodology and take full advantage of the potential benefits it offers? Join our course today. What […]
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A group sits in a circle as they discuss their team performance.

Individual and Team Performance Assessment

Course Details This course will teach you the importance of business analysis for a company’s success and how the SWOT framework can help you examine, plan, and implement business decisions. Whether planning new corporate-wide strategic goals or reviewing departmental processes, a well-executed SWOT analysis will enable you to focus on your strengths, diminish threats, and […]
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