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Who can contact us?

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Administrators and Team Managers

Please see the options below to contact Gladly Support.

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Regular Users

Please work with your manager to report an issue to our team.

Gladly Support operating hours

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Monday to Friday, 6 AM to 6 PM Pacific Time

Our team follows modified support hours during certain company holidays.
You can submit a request anytime, but please make sure to use the correct business impact.

How to contact us


Access the Support forms

Log into your Gladly account as Team Manager or Administrator to access the Support form.

Image of a Gladly support form


Complete the Support form

Please be as detailed as possible when describing an issue so we can help quickly. On the Support request form, make sure to select the correct Application Component Affected option to make sure your request is routed to the best team that can investigate.


Select the correct priority level on the form

Choosing the correct 'Business Impact' priority level prevents delays in processing the request.

Priority 1

Critical Business Impact


Platform outage occurring on production system preventing business operations. A large number of users are prevented from working with no procedural workaround. (Gladly is offline and entirely inoperable.)

First Response Time: Premium

1 hour

Severity Level: Correct

Outgoing Chat messages are failing to send. This is affecting multiple Agents across the country.

Multiple (possibly all) Agents can't take calls in Gladly.

First Response Time: Standard

2 business hours

Severity Level: Incorrect

It looks like I haven't been receiving emails from a Customer. (Recommended Severity: P3)

Can we please remove this Customer's credit card info that's included in this note? (Recommended Severity: P3)

Priority 2

Major Business Impact


Major issue occurring in the production system severely impacting business. (The issue impacts numerous users, but they are still able to work in a limited capacity.)

First Response Time: Premium

4 hours

Severity Level: Correct

Several Agents are currently unable to login to Gladly via our SSO.

Several Agents are unable to accept calls and are showing as unavailable while using our VPN. (Other Agents are able to use Gladly just fine).

First Response Time: Standard

4 business hours

Severity Level: Incorrect

One of our Agents has received many calls this morning and each time the Customer could not hear them. (Recommended Severity: P3)

We have a rule for routing emails from our UK Customer to our General Inquiries Inbox and I'm not sure if I set up the regex correctly - please help! (Recommended Severity: P3 or P4)

Priority 3

Partial Business Impact


Issue causing impaired or non-critical loss of functionality on the production system. (The issue impacts 1-2 users.)

First Response Time: Premium

Next business day

Severity Level: Correct

Our Facebook Channel is currently not receiving messages from Customers in Gladly - what happened?

We need to block these numbers from entering our IVR's.

First Response Time: Standard

Next business day

Severity Level: Incorrect

Please add this new email entry point to Gladly. (Recommended Severity: P4)

Is there a report that does x, y & z in Gladly? (Recommended Severity: P4)

Priority 4

Minimal Business Impact


Issue occurring on non-production system or question, comment, feature request, documentation issue, or other non-impacting issues.

First Response Time: Premium

3 business days

Severity Level: Correct

Is there a report that does x, y & z in Gladly?

Please delete the following Customer profiles from Gladly.

First Response Time: Standard

3 business days

Severity Level: Incorrect

We need to block the these numbers from entering our IVR's. (Recommended Severity: P3)

Agents are unable to type in Japanese in Gladly's conversation window. (Recommended Severity: P3)


I am a Gladly Sidekick (fka Thankful) customer. How do I contact Support?

How to access Gladly Sidekick (fka Thankful) Support Form

  1. Go to alternate Support page.
    • Scroll down to see the form. In “Summary of Issue”, enter a concise description of your issue
    • In “Application Component Affected”, select “Gladly Sidekick (fka Thankful)“
    • In “Business Impact”, select “P4 – Low impact – issue occurring or question / request“
    • In “Detailed description”, enter a detailed description of the issue you are facing
    • In “Conversation Link”, enter “N/A”
    • In “Environment”, enter “Production“
    • In “Name of Agent affected”, enter your name
    • In “Email of Agent affected” and “Your Email”, enter your email address
    • In “CC Request”, enter any additional folks you would like cc-ed on your request
  2. Click on “Send”

Gladly Sidekick (fka Thankful) Support Operating Hours

Gladly Sidekick (fka Thankful) Support operating hours are 9AM – 5PM PT, Monday to Friday, excluding company holidays.

Unable to log into Gladly to access the 'Contact Support' link

If something is preventing you from logging in to your Gladly account to access the support form, use the form here to contact us as a temporary solution.

Gladly emails are going to spam in Gmail

Ask your email administrator to add gladly.com to your email allowlist in addition to these domains. This should prevent Gladly emails, including Support responses, from being tagged as spam.

For Gmail users
Gmail has an aggressive spam filter which sometimes causes legitimate emails to end up as spam. While we highly discourage turning spam filtering off, if you’re finding that some Gladly emails are ending up as spam, we suggest creating a filter:
  1. Go to https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#settings/filters.
  2. Click Create a new filter.
  3. Enter your filters that you don’t want to end up in spam (e.g., a particular subject line, or list of email addresses, or email domains like gladly.com).
  4. Click Create a new filter.
  5. Click on the checkbox for Never send to spam.

Support form is not loading

Clear your browser cache and cookies if you experience issues loading the Support form.

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