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Overview of Rules

Rules can add an extra layer for routing Customers. When a Customer contacts in through their preferred Channel (e.g., a phone call), Rules are executed until completed based on Rule status (i.e., if the Rule is active or not) and sort order. Depending on the Rules configured, it can move Contacts (e.g., phone calls, SMS messages) to a different Inbox or assign a Contact to an Agent.

With Rules, you can:

  • Add Topics(s) to a Conversation
  • Assign an Agent to a Conversation
  • Assign a Conversation to an Inbox
  • Send an auto-reply to an incoming SMS or email
  • Unassign a Conversation from an Agent
  • Mark a Conversation as “no reply needed” to stop the SLA
  • Automatically close a Conversation (especially those pesky spams)

Rules allow you to automate manual processes for your team and helps your team be extra efficient. With the time you save, you can focus more on making your Customers happy.

See how Rules work: