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Master And Overcome Remote Work Information Overload


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Working in a remote environment has both its benefits and drawbacks. Whilst it can keep you out of the way of workplace distractions, it opens you up to a new set of distractions altogether. This often leads to something called brain overload, which makes it hard for you to think straight and remain in a constant state of focus. Knowing how to overcome remote work challenges is the first step you must take to stop this overload from becoming a chronic problem.

In this course, you will learn everything there is to know to remove workspace distractions and enhance productivity in the process. By understanding ergonomic principles and workflow analysis, you will have all the skills necessary for reducing cognitive load in the long run.

Through worksheets, images, exercises and implementable tips and tricks, you can transform your remote working environment into a haven for productive, meaningful and valuable work efforts. By fine-tuning your focus and having your workspace work in your favour, you can achieve the ultimate state of flow, which consists of uninterrupted periods of productivity that is completely free of external thought or worrying distractions.

The greater your productivity levels, the clearer your mind will stay. Not only is this course priming you to work more efficiently, but it is also preventing a state of brain overload which can have massive impacts on both your health and your working performance. With the cognitive load now reduced, you can think clearer in your day-to-day life, allowing you to lead a fulfilling journey outside of the workspace too.

This course is as much about helping you adopt a healthy mindset as it is a guide to overcoming information overload.

What you’ll learn

  • How to reduce cognitive load and keep your mind clear from distractions.
  • How to boost productivity by staying in a constant state of flow.
  • Overcoming remote work challenges through mindfulness and focus exercises.
  • The concept of brain overload and how to prevent it from becoming a chronic problem when working from home.
  • Tips to boost work productivity using ergonomic principles.
  • How to use your workspace to better suit your working mind.

Course Content

Master And Overcome Remote Work Information Overload