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How Personal Resilience Promotes Positive Outcomes


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That ability to bounce back may seem to come naturally to some, but in fact, it’s like playing an instrument or learning a language. While we may have some innate tendencies toward resilience, music, or language, they’re all skills anyone can build with practice.

Individual resilience entails attitudes, behaviors, and deeds that advance psychological and physical well-being. It’s easy to dismiss the importance of self-awareness, especially as it relates to resilience. But your ability to weather challenges is tied to your ability to know and understand yourself.

What you’ll learn

  • Understand why resilience promotes positive outcomes
  • Five characteristics, or pillars, you can strengthen to become more resilient
  • Learn about the link between self-awareness and resilience
  • Explore solutions that can help you to develop both

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How Personal Resilience Promotes Positive Outcomes
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