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Handling Confrontational Customers


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Customer service is one of the most demanding jobs on the planet. You have to be respectful, professional, and helpful, no matter what the situation or who you’re dealing with. This can be hard when you’re dealing with customers who are rude and confrontational, even bordering on abusive!

Handling Confrontational Customers shows you how to use your voice and word choice to control and calm the situation. You’ll even get some great techniques for quickly de-stressing — so you can stay positive and not let one bad apple affect your next interaction…or the rest of your day!

What you’ll learn

  • Guidelines for handling and disarming confrontation — whether the person is hurt, angry, or upset.
  • Using your tone of voice and body language to de-escalate the situation.
  • Simple phrases that can help defuse hotheads quickly — so you can deal with their issues!
  • How to weather customer fury like a pro — without getting upset!

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Handling Confrontational Customers