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Deciphering Communications To Reduce Misunderstandings


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Collaboration Everything is communication: even when we are not actually speaking in a meeting, the way we behave has a meaning that will be interpreted by our interlocutor. Because communication errors create tension and are a waste of energy, the ability to communicate well is an essential skill that everyone must cultivate carefully. It is important for the person transmitting information to convey a clear, unambiguous message correctly, and for the receiver to facilitate the transmission, providing feedback on the way the message is perceived, and making sure that the information is complete. Take this course to learn how to improve your understanding and make yourself clearly understood.

What you’ll learn

  • Search issue with no spaces
  • Identify the personality type expressed by your interlocutor
  • Spot language shortcuts in what is being said
  • Understand the other person’s emotions and underlying needs

Course Content

Deciphering Communications To Reduce Misunderstandings