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Confidence for Women in the Workplace


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Confidence for Women in the Workplace is your one-stop-shop to help you increase your confidence and have the career, business or life that you’ve always wanted.

Packed with comprehensive content, game-changing insights, and practical confidence-building techniques designed specifically for women in the workplace, this course will help you create the confidence you need to grow your career or business.

Whether you need help speaking up in meetings, presenting in front of an audience, applying for that next promotion or just backing yourself professionally and realising your worth, this course has everything you need to make it happen and give yourself the unfair advantage in the workplace — confidence.

What you’ll learn

  • Uncover the truth and dispel the myths around Confidence
  • Understand fear and learn how to be OK with failure
  • Discover how to manage self-doubt and overcome the negative voice in your head
  • Conquer Imposter Syndrome and stop comparison, overthinking and perfectionism
  • Speak up in meetings, present to an audience and network with confidence

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Confidence for Women in the Workplace
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