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Artificial Intelligence for Small Businesses


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Artificial Intelligence (AI),

Time 4 hr 30 min
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Artificial Intelligence has become essential to many industries, revolutionizing sectors such as Banking, Medicine, Transportation, etc. This course is your stepping stone to mastering the power of AI for your own business.

Using several machine learning techniques, you’ll be able to improve the capability of your business to deliver better and faster solutions to its customers and clients. You will also learn to approach AI from a leader’s perspective using practical, data-driven methods to identify and quantify business opportunities. By the end of the course, you will have the skills to improve and innovate the services of any business using the power of AI.

What you’ll learn

  • Build neural networks for Business solutions.
  • Understand AI and different areas of application in the business to manage workflow, optimize operations & predict trends.
  • Create machine-learning models using supervised and unsupervised machine-learning techniques.
  • Build smart systems to analyze data for enhanced customer experience.
  • Optimize machine learning models for better performance and accuracy.

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Artificial Intelligence for Small Businesses